DIY Holiday Wreaths, 3 Ways
December 17, 2013
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With Christmas merely days away, it's more than time to firm up those final plans. And whether you deck your halls from top to bottom, or opt for a simpler approach there's one thing I know for sure: every home needs a wreath. It's simply Christmas embodied, and Molly of En Fleur Event Design is spilling all her insider secrets. Captured by Katie Parra, there's a whole gallery of wreath action!
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From Katie Parra... I am admittedly obsessed with wreaths and I'm always looking for new and fun ways to incorporate them into my holiday decorating. This holiday season however, I called upon super talented florist Molly Jackson of En Fleur for some new and creative ways to use wreaths not only for my enjoyment, but for the enjoyment of our guests. She came up with some fantastic DIY projects that anyone can do, and some great money saving tips on how to transition one major decorating staple from Thanksgiving to Christmas. My sweet puppy Charlie was on hand to supervise...and even snuck into a shot or two!

Chair-Back Wreaths w/ Reindeer Place-cards DIY

From Molly... For anyone with a love of all-that-glitters, the holidays are a perfect time to revel in all things gilded and glinting. While our grown-up tastes may lean toward ultra-elegant and flawlessly hosted affairs, there was a time when our childhood selves saw the season through even wider eyes; When the beauty and wonder of the season appeared as magically as the first snow, and we thrived in a constant state of innocence and anticipation. We wanted to relive that temporary time in our lives through these delicate chair-back wreaths. The softness and delicacy of ferns stay fresh and vibrant just long enough, while glittering woodland animals dance around a nestled reindeer, who's holding a special seat for each of your guests.

MaterialsReindeer silhouettes (either wooden, purchased, or cut out of cardstock!)
White acrylic paint
Preleascent top coat
Gold pen
Craft glue
Small branches
Gold glitter
Pre-made, simple green wreaths

step-1Create or purchase a reindeer silhouette. I prefer a wooden figure, for it's slightly 3-dimesnional presence and stability.

step-2Apply two coats of white acrylic paint (I finished mine with a pearlescent top-coat) and allow to dry.

step-3To create natural, woodland-themed antlers, snip the very ends of some delicate branches with many divisions and tips (I used a viburnum). Carefully coat each with craft-glue, apply glitter liberally and allow to dry. I found that hot-glue was the no-frills, secure solution for adhering the antlers to the deer.


Write each guests name on the deer and affix it to the wreath with hot glue !

An Herb-Wreath DIY

From Molly... An herbal wreath of sage, eucalyptus and lavender in your guest room invites your guests into their personal space with an of-the-moment gift of cleansing aromatics.

MaterialsWire cutters and/or pliers
Floral tape
22-24" gauge floral wire (for attaching bunches together)
Fine, flexible floral wire (for securing loose ends)
Fresh sage, gunni eucalyptus and lavender.

directionsstep-1For a miniature pillow wreath, snip clusters of herbs 5-7" long. The eucalyptus provides the most rigid base, so lay your sage upon it, and finally add 2-3 sprigs of blooming lavender to your bunch.

step-2Using floral clippers, snip the ends of your bunch even with one another, and secure well with floral tape.

step-3Progressively lay your bunches 1/3 of the way down the previous bunch, and secure tightly with wire. Continue this process, bending your piece in a slight curve as you go, until you've reached your desired size of wreath.

step-4Hold your piece up in the desired orientation, and look for any loose ends or weak spots that may need to be secured with a very fine, light-weight floral wire.


Tips for a Large Holiday Wreath

From Molly... Whether you prefer to pay full and timely homage to Thanksgiving, or break out the Holiday tunes mid-November (we admit it- we did!), transitioning your decor between celebrations need not be dramatic, difficult or expensive. Here we share our strategy for worshiping all things seasonal and natural, while slipping seamlessly from fall to winter! We began with a base of locally harvested conifers, including fir, cedar and pine. The verdant greens are offset by both seeded and gunni eucalyptus, which add a silver-gray softness to your piece. (You may have this base created your local florist, or get gutsy and try it yourself!) Over the weeks of display, your conifers will hold fairly consistently, while your eucalyptus gradually dry and take on a more papery texture. (Your wreath will last longest displayed outdoors, and will dry/wilt most quickly indoors near a fireplace or heating vent).

For the fall/Thanksgiving rendition of our wreath, we paired grays, greens and oranges for a modern-chic twist on our organic textures. Our favorite adornments included local mini-gourds, clementine oranges on-the-stem, gray brunia berries, and delicate white wax-flower. As many of these items are on the heavier side, wires were run through the body of the materials before securely attaching them to the piece.

To say goodbye to autumn and invite the holidays home, we simply snipped the wires on our gourds and oranges, carefully removing them from their frame. A classic holiday vibe was achieved with the addition of variegated and standard holly, rose hips and magnolia foliage. For delicate materials such as rose-hip stems, you may want to wrap the clusters of your stems with floral tape before securing with wire. For holly and magnolia, a few twists of wire will do the trick, and you're ready to tuck them into your wreath, securing the wires at the back of your frame. We chose to finish off our design with a subtle and rustic touch of metallic paint to some of the broader leaves.