DIY Advent Calendar
December 16, 2013
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Though we're technically midway through December, we just loved this simple, homemade advent calendar and couldn't help but share it all the same. Surely there are a few procrastinators in the bunch who can still make use of it! And since I'm an eternal optimist, let's just say we're SUPER prepared for next year! Captured by Jenny Moloney, see all the details in the gallery, and grab the step by step guide below!
MaterialsWhite matte spray paint
Gold paint marker
Small jingle bells 
Gold foil ribbon
Gold string
Gold washi tape 
Wax paper
Gold glitter
(5) square jewelry boxes 
(5) rectangle jewelry boxes
(1) large square jewelry box 
(5) round paper mache boxes
(3) hexagon paper mache boxes
(3) oval paper mache boxes
(3) large round paper mache boxes
White crinkle paper shred


step-1Spray the lids and bottoms of each paper mache box white and let dry.

step-2Stuff the boxes with crinkle paper shred and assorted candies.

step-3Decorate the lids with strands of jingle bells, wax paper with washi tape, or glue and glitter.

step-4Write the number of each day of December up to Christmas Day on the lids. You can also draw leaves, dots, or borders.

step-5Set the boxes up on a side table and let the little ones open each day’s box as it comes up to enjoy the treats inside.


Styling + Design: SMP Living | Photography: Jenny Moloney Photography