DIY Silver & White Fringe Backdrop
December 11, 2013
New Year's DIYParty DIYParty Decor
As far as I'm concerned, no party is complete without a jaw-dropping backdrop. Truly. Take a peek through our archives and you'll notice that the most outstanding events we showcase all have some form of fabulous dessert bar with a showstopping piece. And forour wintry inspired New Years with West Elm, we may have gone a little buck nutty with silver fringe. But the results? Well, they're totally worth it.
Materials(3) silver fringe garlands
(10) packs of 20 x 20” white tissue paper
Scotch tape


step-1Fold two sheets of tissue paper in half the long way and staple along the fold.

step-2Use the scissors to fringe the length of the tissue paper. You can fold it several times first to fringe faster. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for remaining tissue paper.

step-3Cut each silver fringe garland in half, to (2) 10’ lengths. Make a 10’ row of white fringe by taping 6 sheets of fringe together, end to end.

step-4Tape fringe on the wall at various angles, crisscrossing across the wall. Build from the bottom up, alternating silver and white fringe as you go. Layer each fringe so that the top layer covers about 1/4- 1/2 of the fringe layer below.

step-5Finish off by hanging some large paper honeycomb balls from West Elm’s Party In A Box kit.

Click here to see the full New Years Party!

Photography: Ruth Eileen | Design & Styling: SMP Living for West Elm | Party in a Box: West Elm