DIY Floral Hair Comb
December 10, 2013
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'Tis the season for dressing up for those holiday parties! However, when it comes time to tackle my hair, I tend to be rather boring. You can usually find me rocking it down and straight, but not this year. I've been inspired to liven my locks with this DIY lush floral hair comb. And if you're in the mood to do the same, I've broken down the process just for you (it's easy, I swear!)
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A hair comb
Floral tape
Flowers and greenery of your liking

instructionsstep-1Cut the stems of the flowers so they are no longer than the comb, they can be shorter.

step-2Wrap the heartier blooms with floral tape to keep the moisture in the stems.

step-3Start wiring the stems to the comb. I do this one or two stems at a time. Simply place the flower at the top of the comb and wrap the wire around the stem and through the spokes of the comb. Wrap tight enough to secure the stem, but not too tight that you break it.

step-4Continue wiring flowers and greenery to the comb by layering and strategically placing them to cover any exposed wire.

step-5(Optional) If the wire that is exposed on the side that goes into your hair bothers you, you can glue ribbon over the wire to cover it.

Once you think you have enough blooms and a design that you love, you're done! Place it in your gorgeous hair and you're ready to enjoy the night.


Photography + Steps: Wild Folk Studio