8 Unique Pie Crust Toppers
November 27, 2013
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With Thanksgiving merely hours away, chances are you're knee deep in butter & flour and Thanksgiving preparations of the most exciting kind right about now. And before you go ahead and put the finishing touches on those fabulous desserts of yours, allow us to  re-introduce to you a few cute un-traditional pie toppers that are totally floating our boat. EIGHT of them, to be exact!
Are you excited? I know I am. Here's where we break it all down and dig a little deeper!


Calligraphy will forever hold a special place in my heart. It's timeless, chic, and super impressive to boot. As an alternative to this Love Pie, how about spelling out what can be found within (a la "apple" or "berry") so your guests know exactly what they're getting into!
While our brilliant DIYer freehanded this bad boy, unfortunately not all of us possess these qualities. Simply download a script-y font (we love  Carolyna! And this free version is also pretty spot on) and you're golden.

step-1Type up the word of your choosing, print it out and carefully cut around all the nooks and crannies.

step-2Lay your calligraphy template on top of your rolled out pie dough and, using a sharp knife, carefully cut around it.

step-3Transfer your masterpiece onto your pie and bake as directed.

step-4Feel fancy and super accomplished.


Now, a herringbone pie isn't exactly a classic, but seeing as this pattern is completely timeless, we're thinking that should change immediately, if not sooner. Serve this beauty on a crisp white plate with a ruby red filling and you'll instant become the hostess with the mostest.
step-1Start by cutting out 1" x 1/2" rectangles. Pinch and round the tops and bottom corners together.

step-2Beginning at the edge of your pie, lay your pieces down at a slight angle. Continue with the next row by mirroring the angle. Repeat until fabulousness ensues!


This right here is the show-stopper. It's unlike any other, looks uber fancy, and is super easy to boot (I promise!) Plus? The crust-lovers amongst your group will thank you as this beauty is loaded with the stuff.
step-1Once your dough has been rolled out, begin by cutting long triangles in three different widths.

step-2Lay the triangles, slightly overlapping, any which way you chose. The best part of this one is that you literally cannot mess it up!


The trendiest pie there ever was, the youngins' in the crowd will appreciate this one. With a few slices of the knife your pie will totally and completely match those toss cushions you recently picked up (every hostess' dream, no?)
step-1After you roll out your dough, proceed to cut strips in a zig zag pattern in 1/2" widths. Continue cutting until you have 1/3rd of the dough remaining.

step-2Roll out your remaining 1/3rd crust until it's the same size as your pie. Cut out the centre using zig-zag cuts, leaving a 1/2" border. Use this to finish the edge of your pie.


A take on the classic "over-under" pie crust we all know and love, this multi-width plaid version is a cleaner, more modern approach. Serve them in miniature ramekins with a big scoop of ice cream on the side for bonus points.
step-1Slice your dough into uneven widths. Using an over-under pattern, lace your strips tightly together.

step-2Set it gently overtop your dish or ramekin, trim the excess and tuck any loose strips within.


For the girliest of girls (that would be me!) this folded "ruffled" pie crust is just the ticket.
step-1Slice your dough into 2" wide strips.

step-2Leaving a 1" long "tail", fold the longest side over the 1" "tail" at a slight angle.

step-3Using the same proportion, and opposite angle, fold the longer part of the dough back over. Repeat until you have a line of ruffles.

step-4Place each line of ruffles on top of your pie so that each is abut to the next.


For those of you who are looking for a pop of wow without all the hassle, this starburst variation is calling your name. Just a note, this guy works best with a brightly coloured pie so that little bit of sparkle can really shine.
step-1Start by cutting out a diamond out of the centre of your dough.

step-2Next, cut a thin line across the corners of the diamond. Continue making tiny slits until your starburst resembles your desired shape!


And last but most certainly not least, the minimalists amongst us may prefer this simple swiss dot. It's easy, peasy and super impactful.
step-1Start by creating a bunch of tiny round dough balls and lay them at random on top of your pie filling.

step-2Lay a sheet of dough overtop and cut a round hole in the centre. Tuck the edges into the side of your dish.

step-3The dough will puff up as it bakes creating a fun swiss dot effect!


PS - If you feel like you're seeing double, you're not going crazy. We posted this run down last year (right here) but thought we'd dust it off for another go this year because we love it so! Happy pie making lovelies!


Photography: White Loft Studio