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November 25, 2013
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I swear to you, Sarah  is the only girl in the entire world who can deck her house in all out pink girliness and still manage to make it look totally elegant and lovely. Her home is absolutely amazing and I had the most difficult time trying to hone in on the images I wanted to display. White Loft Studio outdid herself on this one and there is so. much. more pretty (and frenchie action) in the gallery. Definitely take a peek! 

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From Sarah... 'Style takes heart' is the name of my website but also my approach to decorating. Most everything in our home means something more than meets the eye. It is filled with recognition of our favorite people, places and things {mainly our twin daughters and two french bulldogs}. There are plenty of not so friendly reminders, too. Haha. Young children and dogs manage to leave their mark one way or another and our home never ever looks perfect!

Coco Chanel said "the best things in life are free, the second best are expensive". So as extremely appealing as living in a grand pristine house sounds, at the end of the day I'll choose the home with healthy, happy, and loving inhabitants. {And hopefully we manage to spare a few of the second best things along the way!} Welcome to our world, where chiang mai meets chocolate milk stains and the custom chaise lounge is tattered from our naughty french bulldog, George.

C'est la vie!

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Vendor Credits
Bedding {Girls' room}
Gold Piggy Bank
Furbish Studio
Wallpaper {Bar}
Wallpaper {Girls' room}