A Shabby Chic Bedroom
November 25, 2013
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If there's anyone who's able to find the silver lining amongst chaos it's our dear friend Beth Chapman. When an old oak tree all but destroyed their former bedroom during Hurricane Sandy a few years ago, Beth took the opportunity to create her dream bedroom (one she had been planning in her mind for years). Infused with shabby chic elements of the loveliest kind, you can see her vision come to life right here.

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And if you know us at all by now, you know that we can't resist a good ol' shopping guide. Here are a few shabby chic inspired pieces to to help bring a slice of cozy, uber-feminine comfort into YOUR home!

From Beth Chapman, stylist and owner of The White Dress by the Shore... My husband Mark and I have wanted to redesign our bedroom ever since we moved into our house 10 years ago! Unfortunately, it always fell to the back burner and other house projects took precedent. Last October we were forced into a bedroom redesign by a pesky lady named Sandy! During Super Storm Sandy, an 80 foot oak tree fell on our house and landed on one of our bedroom dormers. Thank goodness the dormer was there, as the tree would have fallen straight through to the first floor! The dormer collapsed into the room bringing part of the ceiling with it and collapsing the built-in book case that was below it. We were unable to live in the bedrooms for 6 months until the structural work could be done to repair the roof, the dormer and the ceiling in the bedroom. During that time, I worked with Hartley and Hill to put into place a design that my friend Sara Hartley had created for me years prior.

From Hartley and Hill... After getting to know Beth, we thought it was important to design a space that truly represented her both style and functional necessities in her master bedroom for her and her husband. Knowing that she's a bridal boutique owner and stylist, we knew right away that she loves texture! From ruffled linen to chenille, we thought that fabrics friendly to cuddling with up with the rest of the family (and pets!) were a must. Keeping the room in the original green hue, as selected by Beth and Mark, we wanted to incorporate soft blues, taupes and creams, with the occasional pink accent. As business owners, having a small working area in their room was essential. We had this beautiful antique secretary refinished in a grey puddy tone with new antique brass hardware to allow them to close their work space at the end of the day.