DIY Wishbone Placecard Holders
November 20, 2013
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I sound like a total broken record, but our in house DIY'er is a TOTAL rockstar. She never fails to surpass even my highest expectations. And these DIY wishbone placecard holders are seriously no exception. As far as I'm concerned they make our whole party, and I'd be happy to have these babies laying around my home year round.
MaterialsAir dry clay
Gold leaf
Adhesive size
(2) medium paintbrushes
Cardstock paper in color of your choice
Gold paint pen
Wax paper


step-1Place a sheet of wax paper on a baking tray to create your work surface. Take a small chunk of clay (about the size of a small scoop of cookie dough) and roll it into a ball in your palms.

step-2Separate the clay into two halves, and roll each into a thin snake.

step-3Pinch one end of each snake with your thumbs and press the ends together to form the bridge of the wishbone. Try smooth the insides of the “v” shape to help secure the connection.

step-4Cut off the ends of the wishbone after about 5”. Fold the last little bit of the end back on itself and pinch with your thumbs to create the rounded ends.

step-5Arrange the wishbone so the ends bow slightly in a nice “V” shape. Use a knife to cut a small slot in the top of the wishbone, about ¼” deep. Make the slot as perpendicular to the table as possible, and not too wide so that the paper fits snugly. Smooth edges and fuss with ends until you like the shape, then let the wishbone dry overnight.

step-6Paint a thin coat of adhesive size on the top side of the wishbone. Let dry until tacky, about 5-10 minutes.

step-7Gently press sheets of gold leaf on the wishbone until all the tacky areas are covered. Use the second paintbrush to press the leaf to the wishbone and remove any excess.

step-8Flip the wishbone over and repeat steps 6 & 7 on the bottom side of the wishbone. You can also spray with a light coat of clear acrylic sealant to further protect the gold leaf.

step-9Cut a 2” x3” piece of cardstock and write the name of your guest in gold pen. Insert in the slot at the top of the wishbone and place at each seat.


Photography: White Loft Studio