African Safari Themed Nursery
November 18, 2013
United States
Just a few short days after booking a trip to South Africa, this adorable safari-themed nursery went and found its way into my inbox. Is it fate? It very well may be. Either way, it's cuteness overload and I just can't get enough. Captured by Sarah Kate, there's more adorableness in the gallery (note: this image makes me swoon every time).
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From Hawkins' mom... When we learned of the exciting news that our little one was on the way, we decided to have a surprise baby. This is often perceived as a challenge when trying to decorate a nursery. After exploring options on many baby websites, we decided that this baby, without a doubt, would be our greatest adventure. Therefore, why not decorate by expressing those feelings throughout the nursery. While we had no idea where to start, our inspiration came from a safari and tribal mixture. There was no method to the madness other than we chose things that inspired us and one thing led to another. From the leather triangular mobile to the antlers and feather print, things quickly began to fall into place. We absolutely loved the Sharon Montrose animal prints and knew that we were headed in the right direction. Topped off with a 3-D zebra head on the wall, we were assured, who later became known as our Hawkins, would also be inspired to play and dream in a world created just for him.