DIY Holiday Jewels & Baubles
November 12, 2013
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With the holidays coming up, its nice to have some fun accessories on hand to add a little glam to your festive wear. These are some ideas that be made from some basic supplies! For more fun DIY projects, you can head over to my blog In Honor of Design and check out the DIY Gallery.
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Tulle or Sheer Fabric
Needle and Thread
Flat headed Bobby Pins
Vintage Buttons or Pearls
Rhinestone appliques
Old Brooches
Elastic trim

Rhinestone headband or clips:
1. Purchase elastic trim or headbands from the supply section on etsy.
2. Hot glue a rhinestone applique to the headband for instant fanciness!
3. Hot glue smaller rhinestones to the backs of alligator clips for another fun alternative. I snagged these appliques from

Corsage Pins:
1. Choose either tulle or sheer fabric and fold into fourths.
2. Cut out a half flower shape along the edge.
3. Stack 5-8 of the floral shapes and bunch together at the back center.
4. Sew a needle and thread through to bind.
5. Add a vintage button or pearl at the center and secure with thread.
6. Hot glue into a disk safety pin.
7. Layer these on a blazer or holiday dress!

Bobby Pins:
1. Using a flathead bobby pin (also found in the supply section of etsy), slide through the back of a vintage button and hot glue to secure.
2. You can also hot glue mini rhinestone appliques. Layer in a twist or updo for instant holiday hair!

Rhinestone Sash:
1. Using some wide ribbon, pinch together at the center and hot glue two folds.
3. Secure to the back of a rhinestone applique.
4. Wrap and tie this around your hair or the waist of a dress!

Hope this gets your wheels turning! You can even make some as gifts. Enjoy the upcoming weeks with family and friends!

Photography & Styling: In Honor of Design