Master Bathroom Design Tips from Urban Grace
November 11, 2013
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Now that we're well equipped to tackle all things master bedroom, we asked Erika  to dig deep into the world of master bathrooms. Read on to find out where you can save, where you should splurge, and a few little tricks that make a really big difference.
SMP: One thing you always convince your clients to splurge on?

UG: Plumbing fixtures. Selecting plumbing fixtures is the most exciting part of the entire design process for me. They can completely change the feel of the space and a high quality fixture will last forever.
SMP: One small change that makes a big impact in a bathroom:

UG: Heated floors. Nobody likes stepping onto a freezing cold tile floor first thing in the morning.
SMP: Any tips on personalizing a bathroom in a rental home?

UG: Art and monogrammed towels. Art is an easy way to personalize any space. It has a way of making you feel at home and is a great way to cover up those walls you can’t paint!
SMP: What's the best bathroom you ever designed?

UG: I'm in love with my new master bathroom (we just recently added onto our home). I took all my favorite design elements from every bathroom I've designed. The tub has a heated backrest, and there's a TV at one end, so once I get my babies to bed I can relax in the tub and watch TV. We have an in shower mirror that is heated so it never steams or fogs up, my husband loves this for shaving in the shower. The shower door has a transom above it so I can take a steamy shower with the transom closed, or tilt it to let the steam escape. Simple things that I’ve taken from other projects really make this space the most functional for our family.
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1. Keep the look simple, fresh, and clean.

2. Choose classic materials and colors for the big-ticket items like tile and stone. Have fun with the things you can easily change, like paint, so if you tire of them they can easily be changed.

3. Choose plumbing fixtures from a reputable company. You want to spend money on fixtures that will last.

4. White towels. They look clean, crisp, and never go out of style.

5. Display the everyday items in pretty little containers - soaps, cotton balls, and q-tips can stay out on the counter and be pretty.

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