Kitchen Design Tips from Urban Grace
November 11, 2013
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Yes, I may be an interior designer myself. Yes, I may have designed a kitchen or two in my time. But I will readily admit that I would have no qualms hiring Urban Grace  to renovate any and all kitchens in my future. I adore everything this design team churns out, but their kitchens hold a special kind of magic.
SMP: What’s the best thing you could add to your kitchen?

UG: Anything vintage or antique. It could be art, a recipe box, lighting, anything. I love the mix of old and new. I think a home should feel as if it has developed over time and not like it was thrown together all at once.
SMP: Any tips on personalizing a kitchen in a rental home?

UG: I love to collect dishes and display them in my kitchen and dining room. Platters, serving trays, etc. A display of personal collections is a great and inexpensive way to make any space feel more like home.
SMP: If you were to splurge on one item in your kitchen design, what would it be?

UG: Appliances. High-end appliances will last you a lifetime and will add to the value of your home.
SMP: The biggest design mistake people make in the kitchen?

UG: I think people become so focused on making their kitchen a show piece that they forget about function. There is nothing worse than a beautiful kitchen that isn’t functional. Well, there are worse things..but not in kitchen design!
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1. Keep function first. Don’t get so caught up in making it pretty that you forget about function.

2.Don’t forget about the lighting. Lighting is so important in a kitchen (and every other space). I think it’s something that gets overlooked a lot of the time and it’s such a crucial aspect in the design of a kitchen.

3. Design it for the way you live. Keep in mind how you operate in the kitchen. If you use the microwave daily don’t hide it away in a pantry. Things like that are what make kitchen design so enjoyable. It allows you the opportunity to really get to know each client and how they live so you can create a space that is the most functional for them.

4. Keep it simple. This rule really applies to all spaces, but especially kitchens. Kitchens often become the center of the home where everyone gathers and hangs out. Don’t have anything (fabrics, etc.) that you don’t want to be lived in.

5. Keep the finishes and materials simple and classic. This rule applies to both kitchens and baths. It’s always better to choose materials and finishes that will look as great 10 years from now as they do today since they are typically the most expensive to renovate.


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