Fall Wreath DIY
November 5, 2013
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For Thanksgiving this year I decided to take my floral game up a notch. Instead of showing up with a bouquet as a hostess gift, I'll be bringing a collection of fall wreaths to show my appreciation. They're surprisingly simple to make, and really give you the flexibility to be creative and use ingredients you really love. For more floral inspiration, head on over to my shop, Wild Folk Studio.
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Metal crimped ring(s) or a wire wreath frame
Bay leaf
Eucalyptus nuts
Globe amaranth


step-1Start out by gathering a small bundle of ingredients, essentially creating a mini bouquet. I used the bay leaf as the base of each bundle so the wreath has a consistent thickness all the way around. Cut the stems relatively short.

step-2 Wire the mini bouquet to the wire frame. The heavier the bundle, the more you want to wrap the wire around to make sure it is secure enough.

step-3Continue this process until you have gone all the way around the wire frame. Once you have reached the end make sure your last bundle is nicely tucked under the first bundle, so that all the wire is hidden.
step-4The Persimmons are heavy compared the the greenery and florals, so I wanted to make sure they would stay in place. I added them to the wreath at the very end. I used a thick wire to thread the fruit and then attached them securely. Thread at the base where the persimmon would attached to the the branch.

As an aside, for this project I used crimped metal rings that I found at the floral supply store, but you can use the traditional wire wreath frames, too.

Note: On my second wreath, I did the same exact processes, but this time I only worked half way around the crimped ring. I finished it off with various lengths of ribbon on either side. I love the way the exposed crimped ring looks. You could even spray paint the exposed metal a color of your choice. Take a peek here!