DIY Fringe Backdrop
October 28, 2013
HalloweenParty DIYHalloween DIY
Today is SMP's Annual Halloween Party! You might remember last year's French Masquerade theme that we all fell in love with. Well, this year we're mixing it up, going in more of a Kate Spade fab direction and we couldn't have loved the outcome any more. But, before we get to the party we wanted to share the totally essential backdrop that set the stage for our whole party. Because this little number alone was enough to have us all going a little Halloween nutty!
Black, pink, & orange crepe paper streamers (2 rolls each)
Gold metallic fringe curtain
Wire or rope
Stapler & staples


step-1 Cut a length of wire to be the width of your backdrop and tie to tacks. Hang on the wall.

step-2 Unfold the gold metallic fringe curtain and trim into two sections, roughly ⅔ and ⅓. Fold the top edge of the larger piece around the wire and staple in place.

step-3 Fold one end of the black crepe paper around the wire and staple together. Unroll the crepe paper and rip off at the length of the gold fringe. Repeat to create more strands, changing the color every once in a while to create an uneven pattern. Add in the remaining piece of gold fringe and continue adding crepe strands until you reach the end of the wire.


Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography | Design & Styling: Style Me Pretty Living