Apple Ginger Halloween Cocktail
October 28, 2013
In all fairness, I've never really met a cocktail I didn't love. But since I'm a sucker for all things festive, fun and fancy, this apple ginger concoction has quickly risen to the top of my must-drink list (why yes, I do have a must-drink list). With just a few easy steps, we'll show you just how to recreate this pretty Halloween punch.
Apple Ginger Halloween Cocktail
Prep Time
5 Minutes
Cook Time
Total Time
5 Minutes
Black sugar sprinkles 1 oz Apple vodka
2 oz Ginger ale 2 oz Apple juice
Splash of grenadine Pink food coloring
Orange food coloring
Rim the cocktail glass in black sugar and set aside.
In a separate glass, stir together apple juice, grenadine, and pink food coloring. Pour into cocktail glass. This will be the bottom layer because it is the most sugar-saturated.
In another glass, stir together apple vodka, ginger ale, and orange food coloring. Place an upside down spoon over the pink layer (almost like an umbrella), as close as you can to the liquid. This layer is less dense and should float on top of the bottom layer. Gently, SLOWLY, pour the orange layer onto the spoon until the glass is full- if you pour too quickly the layers will merge into one another. Serve immediately.
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Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography | Design & Styling: Style Me Pretty Living