An Easy Floral Hair Crown
October 24, 2013
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For the last few years, flower crowns have risen to the tippy top of the accessory chain. But what about those of us who just don't want to go full circle? Some of the lovely ladies I work with don't feel comfortable wearing an entire crown but they still want that same romantic vibe. This past weekend I decided to try and make a half crown. It came out better than expected! It's great because you can wear all of your hair down, add your half-flower-crown in the back, and still feel like a flirty flower child. It was pretty easy to make...
Gather up all your goods: your favorite florals, scissors, millinery wire, hair combs, thin (thread-like) crafting wire and a sewing needle (not shown). As far as the flowers, I personally love using wildflowers mixed with roses but you can do whatever you like! Note: you should be able to get millinery wire at a craft store. The reason I like it so much is because it's covered by a thin white fabric so it's not too slippery.
step-2Cut the millinery wire to fit from ear to ear. Decide where you want your flowers to sit and cut it based on your measurement. Everyone's head width is different so there isn't a general length. (Best to have a friend help you with that measuring that out.)

step-3Now take your combs and attach them to each end of your millinery wire, wrapping with the thin thread-like wire to secure. Weave your thin wire in between the teeth of your comb. I was worried that the comb would slip off the millinery wire, but it was completely secure. If you feel the need you can always add a dab of hot glue to make it even more secure.

Thread the thin wire through a sewing needle. I wanted to do this so I could pierce through my flowers and secure them to the wire. Once you poke through the base of a flower, cut the excess wire and twist it around to secure your flowers to the millinery wire. Using light-weight flowers is the way to go, I've learned. Heavy florals are harder to work with when it comes to securing them. Once you have all your flowers secured, pop it in the back of your hair. I suggest teasing a small section of hair at the root right where you're going to be inserting the comb just so the crown doesn't slip!
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