Mini-Versions of Your Favorites
October 23, 2013
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If you haven't had the opportunity to absorb New York Caterer, Peter Callahan's mini-masterpieces to date then today might be your lucky day. This man? He's built of sheer brilliance. One look at his teeny tiny canapes and finger foods alike and you'll see exactly what I mean. For more tiny inspiration, check out the gallery - it's so  stinkin' cute! And for a full behind the scenes tour & interview, head on over to SMP Weddings.

miniature burgers & fries

mini caramel apples

SMP: How did you get your start in the food industry?

PC: I got my start in the food industry very spontaneously. I was working on wall street a few years, following in my fathers footsteps, when I made the decision to do something a lot more fun and creative. I ended up landed in catering, but it really could have been many different things.

mini blueberry pancakes

lamb & mint pesto lollipops

SMP: I know I'm not alone here when I say that I'm seriously obsessed with every miniature you churn out. You've been recognized by celebrities, Martha Stewart... the works! How in the world did you know that miniature food could make such waves?

PC: To be honest, I'm not sure originally that I knew that miniature food would make such waves. I've always tried to come up with fresh different ways to do food so mini cheeseburgers were amongst a wide range of experiments. When i saw the first mini burger, I knew we were on to something. After that, we were off to the races thinking what we can shrink next. It was, and still is, a ton of fun

mini shrimp pots

mini milk & cookies

SMP: What was the turning point in your business where you knew these little bites would really take off?

PC: The turning point in my business when I knew these little bites would really take off was when people like Darcy Miller and Martha Stewart began asking me where I came up with the idea. They told me they had never seen anything like it, and they had seen a lot in their time!

mini fish tacos & patron

mini key lime pies

SMP: Could you describe the process? How does a miniature go from full sized to teeny perfection?

PC: The process of a miniature going from full size to mini first starts with the question "do I love this enough to shrink it"? If the answer is yes then I do a color sketch, to-scale. Then the hard part starts. I have to stalk my very nice, very busy chefs and convince them to craft something that's never been done before!

miniature spaghetti & meatballs

crispy oysters & bloody marys

SMP: Out of all your miniatures, which one is the hardest to make?

PC: Out of all my miniatures, the hardest one would have to be the caviar rings. They aren't exactly mini but boy are they a lot of work. They're absolutely worth every painstaking moment though!

caviar rings

miniature scrambled eggs & bacon

SMP: And we have to know. Which one tastes the best?

PC: In my opinion the mini grilled cheese and mini strawberry rhubarb pies taste the best. I'd happily eat them every day!
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