DIY Halloween Costume: Pastry Chef & Cake
October 23, 2013
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Of all of the DIY costumes that we've shared this week - the hot air ballon, the sushi roll, the bubble bath duo - this one is the costume that produced bar none the most giggles. Probably because we handed the girls a pastry bag filled with vanilla frosting and told them to feed each other but also because the idea of actually BEING a cake and a cake maker!? Um, basically every 5 year old's dream come true.
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Chef’s hat
Chef’s jacket
Disposable pastry bags
Frosting tip no. 6B
Whipped Cream
White roll paper
Cardboard boxes
Utility knife
Hot glue gun & sticks
White banquet table wrap


step-1 Assemble your cardboard boxes and wrap each with the white paper. Make sure the boxes will be wide enough to fit your child’s head & shoulders.

step-2 Stack cardboard boxes in a cake shape. If they are too tall for your child’s torso, you can cut down the width of one or two. Cut out the base of each box.

step-3 Trace the outline of each box on the top of the box below. Cut out each box shape, then glue the boxes into a stack.

step-4 Cut out a large hole in the center of the top box, to the size of your child’s head. Have them try on the cake and mark where their arms are. Remove the cake and cut two holes large enough for their arms.

step-5Cut off the tip of a pastry bag and insert a large frosting tip. Scoop some spackling into the bag and twist the top of the bag. Squeeze the spackling out to line the edge of each “cake” layer. Let the “frosting” dry overnight.

step-6Wrap the wagon with the banquet tablecloth and trim the excess length.

step-7Dress up your chef and cake. Fill a new pastry bag with some whipped cream for the little ones to enjoy while trick or treating!

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography