DIY Halloween Costume: Bubble Bath
October 22, 2013
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When I was little my mom used to make all of our Halloween costumes. And as I got older I begged her to let me buy one out of a bag just so that I could look like everyone else. I used to swear I would never say to my child "I could totally MAKE that." Fast forward 25 years and here we are. A mother who has fallen hopelessly in love with the wonder of handmade everything. And her daughter who is still young enough to love them just as much.
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9" clear latex balloons
5” clear latex balloons
5” pearl white latex balloons
White shirts & pants
White elastic
Hot glue gun & sticks
Rubber cement
Rubber ducks
Blowing bubbles
Safety pins
White fabric (enough to cover the wagon)
Packing tape


step-1 Wrap the wagon in the white fabric and use packing tape to secure it on the underside of the wagon.

step-2 Blow up a whole bunch of each size of balloon (no helium needed). Blow each balloon to close to full size then slowly leak out the air until it reaches its roundest shape and tie off.

step-3 Use the rubber cement to attach balloons to the fabric and to each other. Start with a ring of the largest size balloon around the edge of the wagon. Build up the “bubbles”, varying size and color as you go. Leave a gap in the balloons on one side so the children can get in and out of the bath easily.

step-4 Cut a piece of white elastic to slightly shorter than the size of your child’s head and hot glue to form a headband. Hot glue the tied ends of 3-4 balloons to the elastic loop to form the bubble headband.

step-5Glue or safety pin several clusters of balloons to your child’s shirt (have them put the shirt on first).

step-6Rubber cement some rubber ducks to a few of the bubbles. You can also add bathtime props like scrubs, washcloths, and soap. Give the kids blowing bubbles to add to the fun as they wheel around in their tub.

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography | Design & Styling: SMP Living
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