A Mini-Guide to Morocco
October 17, 2013
A few years ago, my cousin spent a school semester in Morocco completely immersed in the culture. I remember opening my inbox on more than one occasion to some of the most incredible snapshots I had ever laid eyes on and at moment I vowed to make my way there eventually. In the meantime, we can all live vicariously through sweet Birgit who just returned from a whirlwind trip and is sharing the whole thing with us today.
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From Brigit... Our Morocco-Trip turned into a last minute road-trip of sorts. We booked our flights spontaneously and didn't book any hotels in advance. We rented a car and travelled 'old school' with a map on the lap. We saw Marrakech, the High Atlas & Anti-Atlas Mountains, Essaouira on the coast, Ouarzazate, Agdz and M'Hamid in the desert. The most beautiful boutique hotels can be found on the end of a dirt road. A trip of a lifetime, really.

EAT: We often chose little restaurants along the road where locals go. It was never fancy but always cheap and amazingly good! You get the traditional tajine everywhere and it's incredibly delicious. I have to admit, vegetarians beware. A few times I requested the vegetarian option and ended up with chicken!

SLEEP: I highly recommend Dar Qamar, a small boutique hotel in Agdz, on the way to the desert. With only 7 rooms it's an oasis of calm. Here you'll find a french owner, local staff and a very good cook.

If you're staying outside Marrakesh, check out Akrich. It's a small Ferme d'hote owned by swiss Doris Nufer who gatheres her guests on a big wooden table for breakfast and dinner. Very very friendly, very beautiful!

DRINK: Mint tea! As a note, ask for separate sugar.

WEAR: When I travel, I always try to respect the countries religion. In Morocco, I made sure my legs and arms were covered. If you're visiting smaller towns, there is no need to dress up. We usually opted for comfortable clothes. In the larger cities, where fashion is more prominent, it's nice to get a little fancier!

SEE: I was beyond impressed by the Anti-Atlas mountain region. It's absolutely beautiful there. I loved the fact that we where road-trippin' with a classic paper map. You see so much more that way!