The Perfect Charcuterie Spread from Nancy Neil + Ayda Robana
October 16, 2013
I swear to you I ingest more calories on Wednesdays than I do any other day of the week. You see, Wednesday has become the day in which we really dive deep into the realm of food in all forms on SMP Living and I always find myself scavenging my cupboards by noon as a result. And high atop the craving inducing shoots we post? Ayda Robana and Nancy Neil's beyond incredible charcuterie spread. Oh, and there's a full gallery for all of us to drool over as well.
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The Perfect Charcuterie Spread: The Essentials
from Ayda Robana

Nuts: pistachios, and marcona almonds

Toppings: French butter, flur de sel, homemade jalipaino jelly, local wildflower honey, French radishes, cornichons, and caselvtrano green olives

Cheeses: hombolt fog, pecorino, petite basque, gouta, chèvre, double cream bri, stout cheddar

Charcuterie: prochutto di Parma, bresaola, sopressata, and chicken liver pâté

Dried fruits: dried white peaches, dried apple slices

Fresh fruits: grapes, figs if in season

In addition: Fresh baguette sliced thinly on the diagonal, flatbread crackers, bread sticks, rainforest crisps

NOTE: The key elements in creating a beautiful and tasty charcuterie spread is making it fun, simple, whimsical and above all abundant.