DIY Halloween Costume: A Hot Air Balloon
October 15, 2013
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Can you even begin to handle the cute? Because my mind is kind of exploding at this very second. I've said before that our in house DIYer is absolutely brilliant, but she has completely outdone herself this time. Now all I need to do is figure out how to transform this into an adult version. Captured by Ruth Eileen , if you only ever look at one gallery here on SMP Living, this is the one you should choose  (I must have flipped through it 19 different times).
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30” red latex balloon
Helium tank
36” Balloon netting
Gold spraypaint
10” Foam floral hoop
Red parachute cord
Red woven cotton straps
Red duct tape
Brown lunch bags
Rubber bands
(½ yard) ½” foam sheet
Basket large enough to fit around your child
Red felt
Utility Knife
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Pilot cap 
Pilot’s jacket


step-1 Use the utility knife to cut out the bottom of the basket. Line the inside edge with duct tape so there are no sharp edges.

step-2 Crumple a lunch bag into a ball and stuff it inside another lunch bag; tie with rubber band. Repeat to make 3 other “sand” bags.

step-3 Spray paint the sandbags, floral hoop, and balloon netting gold. Let dry 30 mins.

step-4 Cut the red felt into small triangles. Thread the red parachute cord through the spokes of the basket, leaving an arc on each side, and knot at the ends on the inside of the basket. Glue the triangles to the cord to make pennant flags.

step-5Thread the red straps through both sides of the basket, as far apart as your child’s shoulders. Glue the ends to the strap on one side, then place the basket on your child to measure where to cut the ends on the other side. Glue those ends in place.

step-6Tie red parachute cord from the basket corners to the floral hoop. Hold the hoop level and at a height tall enough to leave room for your child. Tie the sandbags onto each corner of the basket with red parachute cord.

step-7Cut the foam into 2” strips as long as the sides of the basket. Hot glue on the top of each basket side. Cover each piece of foam completely in red duct tape to form a cushioned rim to the basket.

step-8Cut 4” strips of red felt and glue end-to-end to form a scarf. Cut the ends into strips with scissors to form a fringe.

step-9Inflate the red balloon and place in the gold netting. Have another person hold the balloon while you tie the netting to the floral hoop, keeping the length even on all sides.

step-10Dress your little one in the hat, jacket, & scarf. Place the basket over their head and help them pull their arms through the straps. They’re ready to fly!