A Gilded Ombre Pumpkin DIY
October 15, 2013
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This year I decided it was essential to embrace Halloween with a bit of gilded pumpkin goodness. I recently discovered the wonders of Martha Stewart crafts paint and I experimented with a few colors to make a gradient effect on a simple kraft pumpkin. It really is a simple project, but the resulting product is filled with wow.
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Martha Stewart Metallic Acrylic craft Paint in three shades (available at Michaels or Amazon)
Kraft pumpkin (I found mine at Michaels)


step-1Start by painting the bottom half of your pumpkin with your darkest color and work your way up towards the middle with your brush.

step-2Immediately start on your second midtone color so that its easier to blend the colors. Brush in up and downward motions across the middle and up towards the top.

step-3Finish with your lightest gold color around the top, continuning to blend together the layers. Let dry and then display!

Show us your pumpkins! We would love to see what you come up with!