Nili Stevens Inspired Living's Home Tour
October 14, 2013
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If a tropical oasis is your idea of heaven, then boy are you in for a treat. Because Nili Steven's home tour is all that and more. Tucked amongst palm leaves and lush gardens galore, this incredible home is truly the stuff my dreams are made of. Captured by Sargeant Photography, there's a full gallery just waiting for you to get lost in.
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From Nili... Our home was built in 1953. While the architect is unknown, the home clearly follows an Eichler-esque vision of the mid-century modern ranch style home with an open plan. With a 1,300 square foot home on an 8,100 square foot lot, it is a bit like living in a small park or resort.

Early plantings of a diversity of Palm species and Giant Bird of Paradise have been preserved which gives the home a semi-tropical feel. With the coastal climate, westerly breezes flow through the open, south facing glass and a large American Elm on the southwest shades the house from the warm afternoon sun.
Our home compliments both of our aesthetics. Jeff (my husband) is a landscape architect and urban designer and I am special events designer and planner. While we both share our opinions on indoor and outdoor undertakings, I am in charge of the interior, anything in a pot and outside decor. Jeff has designed and maintains the deck and landscape and is a stickler for details.

The interior is filled with treasures we have collected on our various trips abroad and my years flea marketing around the globe. It's warm, inviting and simple. It feels best when it's filled with friends gathered in the garden around the fire pit or at our dinner table. This home was made for outdoor entertaining.

Recent additions have included a green driveway and green wall in the front. We have been very careful to maintain the original design intent and style.