What's In Gal Meets Glam's Makeup Bag
October 10, 2013
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I'm not sure how to say this without sounding like a total creep, so I'm just going to go ahead and creep away. Julia of Gal Meets Glam has the softest looking skin I ever did see. Not only that, but she's also a mastermind with that makeup brush of hers, doning a flawless complexion regularly. Truly. Go peek, I can wait! I've always longed to inquire about her daily routine, and have thus made it my mission to unleash her secrets!

1. I discovered Guerlain’s Meteorites not too long ago and love how they finish off my makeup and blend everything together.

2. I love ‘Lash Domination’ because it doesn’t make your lashes clump, but makes them look thick and full.

3. This is my favorite under eye/blemish concealer! It’s not heavy and stays on throughout the day.

4. If my eyes are looking tired and dull, I’ll just dab a little bit of this around them and it instantly brightens them and gives them a luminous glow.

5. I usually switch between wearing blush or bronzer, but this has a little of both. It’s a subtle shade and makes you look like you just spent a week at the beach.

6. This stuff is like heaven on your face. I use it two times a day (morning and night) and it leaves you with silky smooth skin.

7. I never thought of myself having a “signature scent” until I found Diptyque’s “Vetyverio”. It’s not as sweet smelling as my other perfumes, which I love.

8. I’ve been using bareMinerals Original Foundation for 6+ years and I’ve never strayed. It keeps my skin clear and gives the perfect amount of coverage.

9. “Game Changer” is my favorite shade from the Moxie collection. I think that no matter who you are, women always look better with a little color on their lips.

10. I have dark, thicker brows so I never really did anything to them until I found Benefit’s “Gimme Brow”. It has a slightly tinted fiber gel that styles and gently fills in your brows, but still keeps them looking very natural.

11. If I wake up with any puffiness, I’ll put one of these face masks on for 20 minutes. It instantly refreshes and hydrates my skin.

12. I had an esthetician recommend this to me for my dry skin. She explained it as “feeding your face a giant green juice”. I use it a few times a week to replenish my skin full of vitamins.

13. I love Tata Harper’s all natural, non toxic products. This daily cleanser is gentle on my sensitive skin and it smells amazing.

14. Everyone always asks me if I have fake lashes on because of this stuff! It really, really works.


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