A Mini-Guide to Ibiza, Spain
October 10, 2013
I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Ibiza. One summer, back in high school, two of my best friends took off on a whirlwind month long European vacation. For a multitude of different reasons I was, unfortunately, unable to join them. Though they visited a number of different cities, Ibiza is one that specifically sticks out in my mind. Yes, it's absolutely stunning. Yes, it's overflowing with culture and history and all things great. But it took my friends away from me when I was 17 and for that I'm still slightly bitter. Don't get me wrong, I will definitely oogle Megan Robinson's incredible photos like it's my job, but all is not forgiven quite yet.
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From Megan...

EAT: There are so many cafes and quaint restaurants in the main square - we visited as many as we could! Bambuddha Grove is especially good. 

SLEEP: We always prefer to travel cheap and hostels are the way to do it! 

DO: Spend time with your camera just walking. Every corner has so much character and color. We also rented scooters for an afternoon to see a bit more of the town.

SEE: Dalt Vila - the historic part of Ibiza. It's on a hill and overlooks everything. It's out of this world. It goes without saying but you must also spend time at the beach. 

WEAR: Comfy walking shoes! It's not a big place and you'll likely be walking everywhere.