Brazilian Churrasco Dinner Party from Amelia Johnson
October 9, 2013
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Any party whose theme revolves around food is one that I'd like to be invited to. And this backyard churrasco party is unequivocally no exception. Slow cooked meat on a stick? Yep. It's calling my name. Designed and styled by the talented Amelia Johnson Photography, there's no shortage of lovely amongst this next series of photos. And if you're looking for more, the gallery is right here waiting. 
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From Amelia... Before the summer's end my husband, Christopher, and I threw a Brazilian Churrasco party at our house. Christopher used to live in Brazil where he mastered the art of Brazilian cooking. Guests were greeted by a ribbon hung sign inviting them to the side of the house. The food was churrasco style, a Brazilian form of BBQ which involves cooking meat for hours on spears over a charcoal pit. Christopher even blacksmithed his own spears to be authentic! In addition to the meat, a pineapple was also speared and massaged with cinnamon sugar, almond and vanilla extracts.

For drinks we imported Brazil's favorite soda, Guarana. For the floral decor I foraged tropical plants and flowers from our garden. We dined under Spanish moss covered trees at round tables and mingled and dined until the sun went down.