Behind the Scenes: Chaviano Couture
October 8, 2013
United States
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Last week we had the chance to peek behind the scenes of an adorable ceramic studio, and this week we're doing a 180 and focusing on all things lace and lovely. Miss Annette of Chaviano Couture has become somewhat of a legend when it comes to beautiful bridal gowns. And her studio is as  sweet as you would have imagined. Captured by Buffy Dekmar, there's a full gallery right here for you to peek at.
SMP: How did you get your start in the wedding industry?
7 years ago I could not find the gown of my dreams while shopping for my own wedding. I thus decided to design my own gown. From there the dream for Chaviano Couture was born and in the Spring of 2009 I launched the company. It has been a true blessing ever since!
SMP: What matters to you most as a wedding dress designer?
To be true to my design aesthetic. I love gowns that are romantic, full of movement, and sophisticated.
SMP: Do you have any predictions in upcoming dress trends?
It seems as though trends tend to come and go like the wind. I like to inspire my brides to create their own trend and wear something that feels beautiful to them and is true to their personality.
SMP: The biggest mistake brides make when selecting their dress?
Not trying on every style of gown. Many times a bride will have a vision of what she wants and will not give other options a try. I always encourage brides to try on the gown they're sure they won't love as you might be surprised in the end.
SMP: The best part about your job? 
Seeing my brides happy and making some amazing friends in this industry!

SMP: The worst? 
I get really nervous when I do a first fitting because I really, really want the bride to love her gown. I invest a lot of heart into them and the possibility of rejection can be a bit stressful at times.
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SMP: Three things every bride should know when choosing her dress?
Comfort, quality, and color.
Comfort- wear a gown that you feel beautiful in yet able to move and be yourself in. If it's too tight, or showing off too much, you ultimately will not feel happy about your gown.
Quality- Sometimes spending a little more on a gown is worth it. You can customize elements of the gown, get fabrics that breathe and move better, and even have a completely custom gown made to you.
Color- Not everyone looks good in white. Let me clarify. <ost people don't look good in the traditional bright white color of a wedding gown. Go for shades of ivory, champagne and even nude. It will complement your skin tone so much better, and really help you shine on your wedding day!

SMP: The greatest lesson in business you ever learned?
Always, always be true to yourself. Do not emulate someone else or their brand. Be authentic and go that extra mile for your clients. It will pay off, trust me.