How to Make a Wild Fall Floral Arrangement
October 8, 2013
How ToFlower DIYContributor
Fall is my favorite season for florals, foliage, and berries. I'm drawn to the warm, rich colors and all the different textures that comes along with the season. My arrangements tend to be a bit more wild in the fall, what with all of the gorgeous foliage right at my fingertips (my backyard, or my kind neighbor's yard). And today I'm going to be sharing a fabulous fall floral tutorial so that you, too, can add some festivity to your every day decor.
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Lingustrum Berry
Garden Roses
Broom Corn
Chicken Wire
A rustic vase



I'm not a huge fan of floral foam, as it's not the best for the environment, so to help keep stems in place, I ball up chicken wire and put it in the vase first.

First, I add the liquidambar foliage has a heavy base for the arrangement. The liquidambar has these spiky pods that add brilliant texture. I kept the leaves wild and unruly.

Next, I placed the broom corn around the outside edge of the pot to fill in some gaps and create a more solid base for the other blooms. Once I had a good base I started to add the dusty pink garden roses. I made sure to add them at different heights to give the arrangement depth.


I finished off the arrangement with the persimmons (how gorgeous is that color?) and berries. Then, filled in any open spaces with more foliage. This is one of my absolute favorite fall color combinations.