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October 7, 2013
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I always thought that my personal taste verged on the more rustic side, but I'm beginning to think that I land further in camp traditional lovely as time goes on. One look at Candace of's beautiful home and I'm sure you'll be a convert as well. I'm beyond thrilled she agreed to let us take a peek behind her doors, and must admit I'm taking notes. Captured by Megan Pomeroy, the gallery is bubbling over with interior inspiration of the prettiest variety.
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From Candace... Rich and I moved in our first home in December of 2012. Unlike most first-time home buyers, we wanted to buy our forever home. We hunted for three months until we found a home in Westside, the neighborhood Rich grew up in and an area known for it mature trees and large backyards. Our colonial style home was in good condition, but we immediately started planning out our first renovation project with the help of my family (the demolition crew/muscle) and Rich's family (the expert home renovators). We eventually plan to remodel every room in the house, but we decided to start with the living room, entry, and dining room. All of the projects were completed by our families (with the exception of converting the fireplace to gas). We replaced the green slate in the entry and the carpet in the living room with hardwood. We turned the shallow wood-burning fireplace into a gas-fueled built-in. We decided to put our existing living room furniture in the TV room downstairs, so almost every piece of furniture was purchased for the living room renovation.