Date Night Idea: Dinner in the Woods from Filosophi Events
October 4, 2013
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Though this date night idea is undeniably more work than your typical night out, I have a feeling that the additional effort is well worth it. I mean, sitting across from your loved one surrounded by hundred year old trees is swoon worthy, no? This sweet couple shows us how to keep the romance alive with this incredible anniversary dinner. Designed by Filosophi Events and captured by Michael Wachniak  there's a whole lot more in the gallery! 
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From Michael... Colleen and Rob have been married for 5 years and as their wedding date fell on a long weekend, their anniversary usually occurs when they are visiting family with their little boy, and thus has become more family oriented than romantic. Rob is a quite a romantic and Colleen less so. After a particularly challenging year for the couple, Colleen came to us wanting to create a special experience for Rob, something beyond your usual dinner at a restaurant, to show him how much she loves him and knows the romance is important.

This was well outside the box for Colleen who is a straight to the point, no guff, genuine lady. For one, keeping it a secret was tough! Colleen set up childcare, and a cover story that they were meeting friends to watch a movie in the park (this is a staple of Vancouver summers, outdoor movies in the parks around town). The movie was supposedly "Up" so we kept the cover story going to the last minute with signs in the park that had balloons, pointing the way to the movie.

Rather than a movie though, we had arranged for a gorgeous little dinner for two deep amongst the old growth trees in Vancouver's Pacific Spirit Park. An acoustic guitarist set the mood with Rob favourite types of music, jazz, indie and country. Flowers, lanterns and bunting accented the area and the caterers set up a mobile kitchen just up the trail so they could actually cook the 4 course meal on site in the forest, no reheating, just fresh delicious food and of course wine.

Rob was totally shocked when their walk to the movies stumbled across this elaborate set up, and he later said he thought it was for someone else, and that Colleen was mistakenly thinking he had planned it for her! After a moment of panic it sunk it that she was saying it was for him. They sat for hours as the event sun set through the trees, the acoustic guitar filled the air, they ate, danced, drank and just enjoyed eachother's company. It was a night like no other, reminiscent of the wedding 5 years before, and a great reminder to us all that keeping the romance alive is worth the effort.