Tuscany, Italy with Feather & Stone Photography
October 3, 2013
I've been fortunate enough to have made my way to Italy a handful of times in my life, but I've yet to experience the magic that Tuscany holds. I've had an inkling for a while that it was a place that I needed to experience for myself, but after gushing over Feather & Stone's photos, I'm now more convinced than ever. Rolling hills, stone houses, bottomless glasses of local red wine... pure magic, really. And luckily for all of us, there's a whole gallery of lovely for us to get lost in right here.
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From Feather & Stone... We stood and waited as four steaming espressos were swiftly pushed our direction. Knock it back, thats how you do it in Italy. The four of us we were so excited, jittery even. Perhaps it was the straight double espresso wed knocked back, perhaps it was the view as we swung over the hill some two hours later.

The car pulled over, we all stepped out, we all silently breathed it in. It's as though we'd just walked into the world of an ancient painting, hand-crafted, perfectly preserved from a time long ago.

Over the next four days we drifted into a world of wheat & sunflower fields, lavender, olive groves, vineyards, prosecco under the plum tree, the sound of wild pigs chomping loudly on the fallen apricots, chasing fireflies at night, an ancient city and crumbling relics, vespa rides through the hills, red wine, pasta, cheese, olives and everything amazing San Gimignano & Tuscany had to offer. It was so perfect, so dreamy, we often had to pinch ourselves to believe we were there.

The only possible way to do these experiences justice anymore than the vivid scenes engraved into our minds, was by taking them on film & so our cameras accompanied us the entire adventure. 6 weeks later far after our little adventure had ended we downloaded a special little link from Richard Photo Lab. The excitement we felt was so exhilarating, wed been waiting so patiently to see these images. It didn't disappoint. Not for a moment. We can't wait for the next adventure.