Fleur de Sel's Kitchen Essentials
October 2, 2013
It's no secret that my kitchen acts as my happy place. Whether I'm brewing a cup of tea in the morning or whipping up some chocolate chip cookies at some inappropriate hour of the evening, I always feel my best when I'm putsing around in there. And while I, personally, have my go-to kitchen essentials, I'm always intrigued by some of the pieces my favourite bloggers deem worthy as must-haves. So I've asked the sweet and uber talented Lindsay from Fleur de Sel to share, and I have to admit I'm taking notes!

1- Anthropologie Latte Bowls: The perfect sized bowl for mise en place, cereal, soup and, if I am severely sleep deprived, a latte! They conjure up images of a Parisian kitchen...

2- Mini Tart Pans: For some reason, I believe all desserts taste better in individual portions, which is why I love mini tart pans. The ones I have at home are not fluted, but I adore the fluted detail of these.

3- Microplane: I use this little gadget for everything - zesting lemons and limes, grating whole nutmeg, shaving chocolate, shredding Parmesan - it is a godsend!

4- Savon De Marseille Liquid Hand Soup - Fig of Provence: I cannot get over how deliciously fragrant, yet clean and androgynous (in a good way), this scent is. I first discovered it in the restroom of The Girl and The Fig - a delightful restaurant in Sonoma, and have been obsessed ever since. I have containers in both my kitchen and my bathroom.

5- Strainers: Only recently have I discovered the versatility of these simple gadgets - use them to strain seeds and pulp citrus juice, make homemade ricotta, sift confectioner's sugar, and create luscious (and lump-free) custards and sauces.

6- Weck Glass Jars: I have a few sizes of these jars - the smaller ones are perfect for individual panna cottas and puddings, the slightly larger ones are fantastic for rillettes and jams, and the still larger ones make great storage containers for rice, grains and pasta. Tying a simple grosgrain ribbon around a Weck container with homemade jam makes a perfect hostess gift.

7- Fleur de Sel: Given it is my blog's namesake, obviously fleur de sel is a must-have in my kitchen. It is a delicious finishing salt that elevates all sorts of dishes - chocolate desserts, vegetables, soups and scrambled eggs - to another level.

8- Billie Holiday Tunes: For me, blasting Billie Holiday whilst cooking away in the kitchen absolutely transports me, allowing me to believe, even for a moment, that I live in a much simpler time and place, and allowing me to get completely lost in my cooking.

9- White Truffle Oil: Going truffle hunting in Italy or France is definitely on my bucket list, but until then, I satisfy my urges for all things truffle with truffle oil, which is a much more budget friendly way to impart that earthy, sensual headiness of truffle.

10- Le Creuset Dutch Oven: I purchased a huge Le Creuset Dutch Oven soon after I passed the bar (which all attorneys must take) as a sort of gift to myself for making it through such torture. You can seriously do so many things in this wonderful pot - from salted caramel, to bolognese, to popcorn, to short ribs - this pot can do it all and is oven safe - perfect for slow and low cooking.
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