Gift Guide: For Expecting Mothers
September 24, 2013
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If your Facebook newsfeed is anything like mine, everyone and their mothers seems to either be getting married, or expecting a new little bundle of love. Not having kids of my own as of yet, I always find it difficult to come up with really wonderful gifts that I know my expecting friends will love and actually use. So, for all of you who happen to be in the same boat, I've taken the liberty to poll some of my favourite mama's and mama's-to-be to find out their must-haves when expecting! I'd love to know if you have anything you'd add to the list. I'm on the hunt!
1. & 2. Anything cozy like an adorable robe or plush slippers. Comfort is king here my dears!

3. This baby bath tub. When not in use, it lays flat and takes up minimal storage. Plus? It's not hard on the eyes which is always a bonus!

4. I've been told that these pacifiers are a must. MUST!

5. Swaddle blankets. These guys are extra soft and come in a million and one different patterns and colours. Plus according to all of the SMP moms, they are THE must have swaddle blanket.

6. A stroller organizer. It keeps everything in place and just makes life easier. Plus? Easy access to coffee is essential with a newborn in tow.

7. Baby moccasins. I'm not sure this needs explanation. Is it legal to have a baby without these on hand? Holy cute!

8. This book is an amazing way to keep track of life's daily moments, and it doesn't take up much precious time!

9. Rumor has it, these cookies not only are baked fresh and delivered right to your door, but they also help with milk supply.

10. I'm just going to quote Abby on this one. "It's a game changer. A sleep thru the night or at least for more than 2 hours at a time game changer."

11. Sophie the giraffe is apparently a babies best friend. Who knew!

12. Burts Bees belly balm helps avoid stretch marks using only natural ingredients. I've been told it's THE best!

13. You really can't go wrong with any Skip Hop's diaper bags. They're sleek and beautiful and I think even dad would be proud to lug this one around.
Vendor Credits
12. Belly Balm
Burts Bees
10. Rock n' Play Sleeper
Fisher Price
11. Sophie the Giraffe
Land of Nod
9. Fresh Cookies
6. Stroller Organizer
3. Infant Tub
Puj Tub
13. Diaper Bag
Skip Hop
2. Linen Slippers
Steven Alan