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September 23, 2013
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Pardon me for staring, but I seriously can't get enough of Flora & Fauna's home. From her deep indigo bedroom to that fabulous washroom wallpaper, there truly isn't a thing I would change. Despite the fact that every single nook and cranny has been styled to absolute perfection, it still feels as if you could pick right up and move right in. Basically? I'm hoping Tatianna and her sweet family are on the hunt for a new roommate because I'm this close to making myself really comfortable. To see more, head on over to the gallery. Yvonne Rock is magical when it comes to interior images.
From Tatiana... This little blue cabin has been in my husband’s family for over thirty years but it had not been actively used for the past fifteen or so. When we moved in two years ago we really had our work cut out for ourselves – from wood paneling to green shag carpeting. It took us about three months to bring the cabin to a livable condition with the help of some handymen. Then the fun phase began!
When it came to decorating we knew we wanted to take our time. In fact we were sofa-less for a good three months until we found the perfect specimen for $80 at Goodwill! Funny enough it’s our sofa that gets the most compliments. And speaking of Goodwill, most of our furnishings and décor have been thrifted or have come from the likes of Ikea or Target. My theory is that if you wait long enough the perfect piece will present itself. And so, little by little, our cabin started to come together – a cookie jar from an antique store would lovingly grace our countertops, an abandoned recliner from my in-law’s basement would find its home in our living room and some otherwise “boring” items would have new life breathed into them with a fresh coat of paint or new drawer pulls.
I must admit that right now my thrifting is on hold. It’s easy to get carried away with that, especially where we live – there’s an amazing antique store around every corner. But when you’re working with such a small space, clutter can become an issue so I try to be careful. In the rare instance that I do bring home a new piece my rule is that I have to get rid of an existing one.
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In the end we couldn’t be happier with the way this cabin has come together. Our biggest joy comes when people visiting our home tell us that they feel comfortable, cozy and that our space is inviting. We also get a funny little compliment from time to time that goes something like this “I feel like I’m in a fairytale cottage from a Disney movie.” Well my friends – mission accomplished! No one even knew that was my goal all along…

(psst - in case you missed it, we did an awesome Behind the Blog feature on miss Tatiana this morning!)
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