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September 23, 2013
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Have you ever stumbled upon a blog that you instantly know is going to be a new favourite? It's kind of the best feeling. And, truth be told, it hasn't happened to me in a while. That is, until I came across Flora & Fauna. Purveyor of all things sweet & adorable (including babies! Oh my gosh that child of hers!) I pretty much can't get enough. Her attitude is infectious, her honesty is inspiring and I'm so excited to have her here today!
SMP: Some words you live by?
“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.”—Sigmund Freud. Life isn’t rainbows and sunshine everyday but with our society’s constant obsession with “happiness” I find it important to be reminded of the fact that it’s often struggles and “hard days” that shape character and end up being the most instrumental in your life. It’s a daily reminder that even the most imperfect of days are pieces of a beautiful puzzle.

SMP: Any guilty pleasures?
Any of the Real Housewives shows and M&M’s – I cannot control myself when it comes to these two.

SMP: What did you think your dream job was before your dream job found you?
Oh my gosh, I’ve had so many “dream jobs.” There was the lawyer phase (who hasn’t had one of these right??), the real estate agent (complete disaster) and myriads of other failed ventures. I have not quite arrived at what I think is my dream job but I believe that every day, little by little, I’m climbing my way there.
SMP: What's your favorite quote that describes your creative process?
“Follow your heart but take your brain with you.” ― Alfred Adler. As a creative person it’s often easy to get passionately caught up in whatever you’re working on but taking a moment to engage your more rational side can often help glean the best and most balanced results.

 SMP: If you had the opportunity to get a message across to a large group of people, what would your message be?
My father drilled this Leo Tolstoy quote into me for as long as I can remember: “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” So I would say that if every day we simply set out to be better, kinder, work harder, love generously, laugh often and challenge ourselves even just a little, we’re bound to all make the world a better place.

SMP: If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?
Knee jerk reaction – yes. Unfortunately, even those “mistakes,” or things I wish I did differently worked to lead me to where I am and have made me the person I am today, for better or for worse. I wouldn’t be me and that seems strange and unnatural.
SMP: What is one piece of advice you would give to a blogger just starting out?
I honestly think that blogging today is so much harder than it was six, seven years ago. The expectations are different, the community has changed and the medium has advanced so much. But I would still say, if at all possible, write for you, about you, honestly and openly. Let your story flow out of you and through that, sometimes messy, process you will find your voice and your place.

SMP: What is your favorite item in your home?
Do books count? Our book collection is by and far our most prized possession. Books brought us together and books have always been a friend, a teacher and an adventure. It’s taken us years to put it together and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Sometimes I’ll just browse our shelves and remember what it felt like to read a certain book for the first time or pick up a new one.
SMP: What's your best tip for balancing work and personal life?
For me personally it’s been finding a system that works and sticking to it. When Birdie is awake I am completely present with her. I play with her, feed her, change her, bathe her, etc. But when she is down for a nap I work feverishly in the silence and the evenings are prime time for getting work done. Since she goes to bed around 7:30 that leaves me with plenty of time to work. It’s not my ideal set up but it’s what works for now and with a child and family it’s so important to be flexible. 

SMP: What is the hardest lesson in business you've ever learned?
Sometimes being right isn’t the most important thing. Without exception, people will always value kindness and humility.

SMP: What color do you think will stand the test of trend time?
Oh my gosh, without a doubt either black or white. Timeless.

SMP: One thing every style savvy homeowner should have?
A great, comfortable rug – it’s like artwork on the floor and can really liven up a room.

SMP: If you could buy yourself a single gift of any cost, what would it be?
An oil painting of my family. It’s a strange little dream I’ve had ever since I was a little girl. I love oils and I love my family, it would be a dream to combine the two for a lifelong gift.


Oh and we have her full home tour coming up later this afternoon, and I promise you'll want to come back for this one!


Photography: Yvonne Rock Photo | Blog: Flora & Fauna