How To Create a Foraged Floral Arrangement from Amy Osaba
September 20, 2013
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I swear, in my next life I'm going to be a florist. Because just staring at Rylee Hitchner's images alone has moved me into full flung grinning-from-ear-to-ear territory. How could you not be at your best when surrounded by natures most beautiful products? Though I unfortunately seem to lack a green thumb in even the smallest of quantities, Amy Osaba on the other hand does not. That girl works magic and is sweet enough to be giving away a few of her tricks to creating a rustic, foraged floral arrangement, so be sure to read on! And if you're looking for more, take a peek at the gallery. It's bubbling over with pretty. 
From Amy Osaba... Foraging flowers is a wonderful tool for adding organic movement in any arrangement. I really love how the wild nature of foraged flowers dictates the direction. The green foliage falls so nicely when mixed with hearty branches that cascade downward. This creates a base and easily allows you to place more delicate flowers within.
One trick for creating a loose and natural look is to begin with a wide mouthed vessel. A wider opening allows for more flowers and encourages them to have more movement and fall more naturally. I begin with the greens and then place the longer stemmed flowers in the same direction the greens are falling. I always add lush blooms closer to the mouth of the vessel in the center. Adding additional blooms of varying sizes, textures, and heights in the same flow as the greens will create more depth.
Adding fruits or vegetables to a tablescape creates immediate elegance. It just mimics the layers of textures within the arrangement onto the table. Ginny Branch, my sweet friend and stylist, introduced me to this amazing tool for cutting out a perfect shape to add tea lights inside of fruit. Don’t you just love the pear candle? Candles really set the mood for any occasion. I also buy clear votives from the dollar store and lightly mist them with gold spray paint (Our favorite is Krylon metallic. Don’t worry, it won’t catch on fire!)
It really is all about creating height and texture to create a beautiful vignette. All you need can be found around your home. Or maybe you are driving down the road and something catches your eye and makes you pull over. (Not that I have ever done that!) You will be amazed at what you are capable of creating with your very own foraged flowers.
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Good luck and happy flowering!