A Kite Themed First Birthday Party
September 20, 2013
St. Augustine Beach
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Let's face it, a babies' first birthday party is more for the parents than it is for that sweet little nugget who likely won't remember the details. So it only makes sense to make the event parent friendly too! We're taking a cue from Threaded Together Vintage Rentals and  Julie Cate Photography  who've drummed up this sweet as can be kite themed birthday party that is as much fun for those kiddos as it is for the adults. Oh and there's a whole gallery filled with inspiration.
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From Lynnell of Threaded Together... For my daughter's first birthday, I wanted to host a casual family outing that would be just as much fun for the parents as the kids. For the parents we included a summer time cocktail adapted from SMP's very own recipe (Raspberry Basil Limoncello cocktail), a simple and light menu fit for a hot summer evening, and a beach lounge area to chat and enjoy one of my husband's home brewed beers. The menu included chicken salad croissant sandwiches, Greek salad and watermelon mint salad. For the kids I served lemon water in their very own kiddie cups, kite shaped PB&Js (always a classic favorite) and fruit cups filled with strawberries and blueberries (my daughter's favorite.) I am a big fan of crafty activities verses games so I set up a kids table where they could decorate their own kites that they would later fly in the beach breezes. The kite decorating station was a big hit and the Dad's seemed to enjoy flying the kites as much as the kids.

As a photographer and stylist, I also wanted the party to have lots of visual appeal.The overall style was inspired by who else but . . . Kate Spade! I wanted a preppy beach summertime feel mixed with a few of my vintage pieces like the farm table for the desert display and the trunk in the beach lounge. I chose a color palate of bright pink, yellow and navy. I created a cake table backdrop of fringe garland to look like stripes and set it up under the pergola. I also created a hand painted cake (inspired by Belle and Boo) with a mini replica of Kate and our dog Dublin. In addition to the cake, cake pops of kites and cloudy skies and kite shaped shortbread cookies were served. Since Kate is a little young to decorate her own Kite, I created a fabric kite prop for her to play with. I also made sure all of the decorating supplies were washable and included the activity plan in the invitation so parents would know ahead of time. Other details included a welcome table with a framed sign reading "Come Fly A Kite With Kate", cutlery and napkin packets tied with twine, and a beverage/treat cart with mason jar beverage dispensers and a champagne topper.

For the venue, I chose a vacation rental that would enable us to make a weekend getaway out of it and take our time setting up. St. Augustine Beach is an hour south of our home base of Jacksonville, has lots of things to do and see, and it allowed guests to make a day trip of it if they so desired. The beach itself is very wide (unlike our local beaches) and allowed lots of runaround room for the kids and allowed us to fly kites without disturbing other beach goers. As a final touch, the "big kids" took home one of our favorite indulgences of raspberry dark chocolate bars and the kiddos took home little house shaped boxes filled with such goodies as cookies and milk, pinwheels and Chinese yoyos. Our photographer Julie Christman of Julie Cate Photography captured some sweet family photos of us while we were at the cottage in addition to capturing some wonderfully warm images of the party itself. It was a beautiful and relaxing evening for all and I can't wait to do it all over again next year!