Travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico with Kimberly Chau
September 12, 2013
San Juan
Our Livings editor, Jacquelyn, is a travel junkie. Me, not so much. I think when you have two smelly kids, the idea of being too far from home suddenly becomes a bit more, well, daunting. But honestly? Seeing these gorgeous images from the lovely Kimberly Chau from her trip to Puerto Rico sort of makes me want to throw caution to the wind and pack up the whole family. Almost. This trip is beauty defined and there is so much more right here in the gallery.
From Kimberly...My husband and I were married last year in July and we planned our honeymoon a few months later in October. We wanted to travel within the U.S. territories and found a city with a lot of culture, history, shopping, and great food. In the end, the decision and wait for San Juan, Puerto Rico was so worth it!
Our accommodations were at El Convento, a charming old world hotel in the heart of Old San Juan. The stay was a stone's throw from food and shopping and provided gorgeous views of the city. We walked the historic streets of Old San Juan and they were filled with quaint and lively little shops, boutiques, and old buildings. Many of the owners run small businesses here and were very friendly and welcoming to tourists. Likewise, almost everyone spoke English.
The Puerto Rican food on the island was phenomenal, of course. My hubby and I still crave for the chuleta can can (Puerto Rican-style pork chops) and mofongo (mashed plantains) that were traditional dishes in the area. Both dishes are popular on the island and can be found at a reasonable price (and they accept U.S. Dollars).
During our trip, we also toured the Castillo San Felipe del Morro (or El Morro), a famous fort used the defend San Juan from enemies in the sea. The views towards the ocean and over the island were simply beautiful and amazing. Most people can walk to these sites, but there is the option of public transport as well.
I highly encourage travelers to pack light and to find a good pair of comfortable walking shoes when visiting Puerto Rico. Most of our travels were by ground and we knew we would come back heavier with all the available shopping. I chose to photograph my trip entirely in film and I'm so glad I chose this medium to journal our trip. I love how the film preserved the atmosphere, colors, and views of San Juan to its best integrity. I would love to go back and explore more of the island one day!
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