DIY Fringe Wands
September 5, 2013
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This is quite possibly the simplest, most bang for your buck project we've ever done here on SMP. And the girls at Audrey's party LOVED them. A bamboo skewer, some hula skirts and a bit of green painters tape and voila. A magic wand that actually makes little girls feel like they are fairy princesses. A few of the girls actually begged me to take them home. Little did they know I stuffed a few extra in their back pockets just to get rid of them!
Wooden skewers
Colorful masking tape
Hula skirts (we got ours at Iparty)


Lay out a 10” length of masking tape on the table, sticky side up.


Grab a handful of hula skirt, and trim about 6-7” long chunk from the skirt.


Arrange the hula pieces on the tape to form a single layer, leaving about ½ the masking tape open to stick to the skewer.


Wind the tape around the pointed end of the skewer until all the tape is secured. Repeat to make as many wands as you like!


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Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography