DIY Confetti Backdrop
September 5, 2013
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One of my favorite projects from our Style Me Pretty Weddings book are the paper heart chair garlands. Because, while a bit time consuming, they are so easy and pretty and really make a space feel magical. So when our DIY extraordinaire, Jess, mentioned doing some sort of backdrop for Audrey's miniature food display, I immediately thought of those very garlands. This time though we used a circle punch in pretty pastels and the result was so ridiculously dreamy.
White thread (2 spools)
Sewing machine
1” circle punch
2” circle punch
Cardstock in various colors


Punch out circles from a variety of cardstock colors. Make sure to get both sizes from each color. Aim for a handful of each color before you begin sewing, although you may decide you need to make more.


Sew down the center of each paper circle, one after another, to form a chain. You can pause between circles to pull some extra thread out so there is some space between the circles- this will help make them look like they are floating. Alternate colors and sizes as you go. Stop once you have reached the desired length (we made ours about 9’ long). You can leave extra thread on the beginning & end to fix to the walls. Repeat until you have 15-20 strands.


Hang the strands with tacks or strong tape. Try to alternate the angles of each arc so they aren’t all parallel to each other. We also created depth in our display by hanging some strands in front of others.


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Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography