Audrey's Miniature Birthday Invitations
September 5, 2013
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You are officially invited to Audrey (my beautiful daughter's) 5th birthday. If you've ever met Audrey you know that she's quite particular and quite fabulous. So coming up with a birthday theme + invitation that could top other years and impress this little SMP-er, well, it was no easy feat. And today, we're sharing the whole party soup to DIY nuts on the blog. Can you guess what kind of celebration started with something so teeny tiny? You'll just have to wait and see!
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Small kraft jewelry boxes (found at Michaels)
8.5 x 11" card stock
Paper Cutter
Various scrapbooking or printed stock
Washi Tape
Scoring Board (we used Martha Stewarts which we love)


Using photoshop, illustrator or another page layout/drawing program, format your invitation. We used 2 different fonts for our invitation and chose a bubblegum pink color. Size the printed portion to approximately 2.3" x 1.85" We managed to fit 16 tiny invitations on one 8.5 x 11" piece of paper, keeping a very faint pink line around each invitation so as to note where to cut. Print them out.


Using a paper cutter (or scissors and a really steady hand), trim your cards down to size.


Trim your "envelopes" by cutting down your scrapbook stock (the one with the fun print down) to 5" x 5" squares. Using your bone folder, crease the pointed edges so that each crease slightly overlaps the other creases. You'll have to use the guide lines on the bone folder to really get this right. Here is a visual that helps illustrate what I mean. After you have the creases, cut out the small triangles noted in black on the illustration.


Place your invitation inside your envelope and secure with washi tape. Fill your box with rafia and place your invite & envelope inside. We added a cute personalized label to the top by printing little pink squares onto 8.5 x 11 full page label paper then trimming down to size.


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