Audrey's American Girl Birthday Party
September 5, 2013
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My daughter's birthday parties are always a bit, well, pink. Check out the proof here, here and here. So when time came to plan her 5th birthday and she told me she wanted an Entirely-Pink-American-Girl-Jake-and-the-Neverland-Pirates-Party-with-Puppies, well, I panicked. And did what I do best. I edited. Sort of. Welcome to Audrey's 5th American Girl Pink Inspired Party. Where miniature food and flailing kindergardeners reign Queen. And thankfully we had the lovely Ruth Eileen to capture all of the mayhem on film. For more teeny tiny inspiration, check out the gallery!
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When it came time to plan our our little darling's American Girl party, I definitely did not come out of the gate swinging. What was an American Girl party really? Did it mean I had to replicate the American Girl experience? Like have hair braiders and stars everywhere? Then it hit me. Miniatures. It's American Girl but also American Awesome. And I was ALL over it.

Fast forward a week or so and I was chatting with Peter Callahan  (yes as in THE Peter Callahan...I really do love my job) when I told him about Audrey's birthday. As you know Peter specializes in the most absurdly adorable miniature versions of classics you've ever seen in your life. Just do a "Peter Callahan" search on pinterest or take a peak into his amazing book Bite by Bite and you will basically die. Well, if you can believe it, he offered to send us a few mini's to help us out. And a few mini's turned into crazy amounts of food - tiny hot dogs & hamburgers complete with tiny pieces of cheddar cheese and pickles and teeny tiny grill marks - plus miniature soft pretzels and grilled cheese and oh, um, strawberry + rhubarb pies that would bring you to tears. AND that happened to be so delicious I caught some of the grown-ups in the kitchen shoving a few in their pockets. Not really but almost.

So everything else just trickled down from here. We shipped out miniature invitations to set the mood, set up a miniature picnic for the dolls, baked up some miniature treats and sewed miniature tutus and hair bows to put in the goodie bags (thank you mama!!!). The result was a party that felt so special to the girls, that looked (and tasted) amazing to the adults and that was good ole fashion five year old fun for all.

In terms of decor it was a mixed bag. Here are some of the goodies we used:

DINNER: We set 4 IKEA Lack coffee tables next to each other with miniature chairs alongside. I invested in these a few birthdays ago and haven't regretted it for a minute since. We added 5" balloons, some vases filled with candy dots, these adorable trays that we found at Target, a set of striped bamboo silverware and some DIY wands. It was simple and kind of adorable. All sources are linked below for easy reference.

FOOD DISPLAY: This was our focal point. The mini foods that Peter crafted and the desserts that we filled in with really set the stage. We used an ombre backdrop that we bought a while ago from DropItModern along with 2 of our West Elm Desks (from our offices) to create the foundation. We added DIY confetti inspired garland that kind of sprinkled in the wind, along with 2 DIY signs for "Little Eats" and "Little Treats" that we'll share with you guys coming up next.

MENU: For dinner the girls had mini versions of: hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, soft pretzels & pizzas. I placed containers of strawberries on the table to share just so that we could say it was kinda healthy. For dessert, we stuck with cake. THEN, the girls got take home bakery boxes filled with miniature treats. I didn't want to sugar them up too much...ha!

DIY HAIR BOWS: Our activity for the party was a simple make-your-own bow station. We included pre-cut felt pieces in shades of pink that could be crafted into a bow for the big girl and bow for the little one. The girls had a blast, caught on really fast and ended up with some pretty darn cute creations.

FAVORS: I used Martha Stewarts fabric paint in a variety of colors to paint confetti dots on large muslin bags. My mom sewed teeny tiny tutus for the dolls and made a couple of ADORABLE hair accessories. We added a lollipop to the bag and voila. We also made sure to send each child home with a bakery box full of goodies to make the fun last that much longer. Miniature cupcakes from Sweet, Sprinkle cookies, miniature brownie and cookie bites, a pretty lollipop and a few strawberry rhubarb pies that Peter Made. I can't even tell you how freaking adorable those pies were.

Coming up next we'll share all of the fun DIY's that we crafted!

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VENDORS: Catering: Peter Callahan | Cake & Cupcakes: Sweet Boston | Photography: Ruth Eileen

SOURCES: Dinner "Tables": IKEA Lack Coffee Tables | Pink Dinner Trays: Target | Bamboo Silverware: Dress My Cupcake (tip: you have to stamp the silverware yourself with a pink ink pad to get the stripes) | 5" Dart Balloons: | Gold Vases to hold straws: here for DIY | 3 ft Latex Balloons: | Food Display Tables: West Elm | Ombre Backdrop: Drop it Modern | White Trays and Displays: IKEA (we used the tops of these) | Bakery Boxes: Michaels | Cupcakes & Cake: Sweet Boston | Lollipops: SweetNiks | Burlap Favor Bags: Celestial Gifts via Amazon | Cotton Candy Packaging , Plastic Lemonade Bottles & Berry Baskets: Cute Kids Food Box