Stephanie's Home Tour: The Inspiration
September 3, 2013
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Today is such a fun day on SMP. Last week, we took a peek at Erin's apartment overhaul... and now we're back in action with our dear Stephanie. Stephanie is a Weddings editor and has more talent and taste in her pinky finger than most people I know combined. But, much like our beloved Erin, she's busy. Like, burning the midnight oil on a daily basis type of busy. And her sweet home has fallen on the back burner of life's priorities. Luckily for us, Stephanie was sweet enough to spend a few days with us living gals to give her apartment a mini-facelift. And we're here today to tell the tale!
Like all of our editors, Stephanie lives, works, entertains and does everything else in her apartment. Her idea of a getaway is a trip to the local coffee spot. So when we sat down with Stephanie we knew that she would have a few non-negotiables that she knew would make her space feel entirely like home.

1. A bright, white and cheery space.

2. An open and inviting home that still feels cozy and warm. This was going to be a bit of a challenge because like Erin's home, Stephanie's space isn't big. It's city living at its finest which means that the it's a bit of a tight squeeze.

3. A comfortable and inspiring office (since that's where the majority of her time is spent).

4. Feminine accents without going completely over the top. After all, her hubs is all boy and since this is their first home together, she wanted it to feel like a place where they both never wanted to leave.

5. To keep our budget low by embracing the flaws and funny-isms that the apartment came with and make them really sparkle - splashes of yellow tile and things of that nature.

Here's a quick peek at where we started:


And before we get to the big reveal, we've got a whole lot of DIY action coming your way!