DIY Gold Zig Zag Tray
September 3, 2013
In my humble opinion, one can never have enough trays. I honestly couldn't even count how many I have laying around corralling various objects of all shapes and sizes. They add instant class to any ol' room, especially when they've been decked out in a hint of gold. So, naturally, that's just what we did. And we've got the full how-to just for you!

White tray of your choice (we got ours from Target and painted it white)
Adhesive size
Gold leaf
Glue brush
1” Painter’s tape
Paint brush
Clear acrylic spray

step-1 Use the masking tape to draw out a V shape on the bottom of the tray, about halfway across the tray. Repeat that shape parallel to the first, keeping the width of the space between the tape the same as the width of the tape. Keep repeating until you get to the end of the tray. On the second half of the tray, lay out sets of masking tape stripe shapes, at different angles than the V shapes.

step-2 Paint the bottom of the tray with adhesive size. Let dry 15 mins, or until tacky to the touch.

step-3 Press sheets of gold leaf on the tray until it is covered. If you miss any spots, just press excess scraps of leaf on until they are covered. Use the paintbrush to press the gold leaf on and brush off the excess.

step-4 Gently remove the masking tape and brush off any flakes. Spray two light coats of acrylic spray to seal the leaf.

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography | Design & Styling: Style Me Pretty Living