Ombre Inspired Dinner Parties from Amanda Allen + 3 DIYS!
August 30, 2013
There are many trends that exist out there that I'd be happy to see disappear  but I have to admit, ombre is not one of them. And lucky for me, this particular effect seems to be here to stay. It's a simple aesthetic that holds huge impact and can be used in a multitude of different facets. One look at Amanda Allen's approach to two ombre-inspired dinner parties and you'll see exactly what I mean. Captured by Jason Mize, there's a whole gallery filled with these pretty purple parties right here.
From Amanda... Our inspiration behind this shoot was to create two dinner party looks that are simple enough to DIY. The idea was to create a vision for modern- at home entertainers. Life has so much to celebrate and sometimes it’s nice to go all for friends and family. Ombre seems to be the go-to this season so we decided to use it as inspiration behind two dinner party themes. The two different styles show just how versatile ombre is as a design element. Lilac is in tune with this summer’s pastels, so we loved the idea of incorporating it dark to light. The best aspect of this dinner party theme is that it’s easily changed to create a fresh new look each and every time.

WHAT YOU'LL NEED TO ACHIEVE THE GLAM LOOK: Clear plates | Champagne glasses  | Gold dipped flatware | Tapered candle holdersWhite linen napkins | Ghost ChairsDIY floral centerpiece | DIY Ombre menus | DIY Ombre tablecloth and backdrop (all DIY's below)

WHAT YOU'LL NEED TO ACHIEVE THE CASUAL OMBRE LOOK: Clear plates | Champagne glasses  | Gold dipped flatware | Tapered candle holders | White linen napkins | Restoration Hardware Chairs | Passion fruit vine, lisianthus, lavender clematis and french lavender, DIY ombre menus, DIY ombre tablecloth (DIY's below)

And you're probably looking for the DIY's that pair with these two adorable looks, aren't ya? We've got you covered!


Florals in at least three different shades of the same color (we used 10 stems of each!)
Oasis foam
Mirrored vase containers (we got ours at Jamali Garden)
Three wooden dowels, 18" long
Gold craft wire
White feathers
Gold spray paint


step-1Soak the oasis in water and cut to fit the containers that you've found.

step-2Cut your chosen flowers and gently insert them into the oasis so that they sit low in the vase. Don't use any of the greenery and be sure not to leave any gaps.

step-3Spray paint the dowels using the gold spray paint and let dry.

step-4Spray paint just the tip of 6 feathers gold and let dry.

step-5 Sink the dowels into the oasis foam using equal spacing in between each and string the golden wire across all three. Continue to string the feathers along the "clothesline" using the gold wire. Tip: make sure that dowels are long enough that the feathers are not obscuring your guests view.
Cotton paper stock

step-1 To achieve this look, print your menus out on cotton paper stock.

step-2Next, dip the bottom portion of the menu into water making sure it's very saturdated. Then dip it into the dye for about 10 seconds.

step-3 I Move the card around slowly to encourage the dye to creep up the card. If the dye starts to get uneven, gently wipe it with a paper towel.

step-4Let it dry for a few moments, and then dip just the bottom portion once more to achieve the ombre look.

Line your dipped cards on newspaper or paper towels until dry!
1 pack of Tulip dye in Purple
5 Gallon bucket
Wooden Spoon
Rubber gloves
Dishwashing soap
Tia from MMD events gives her input on her ombre dyeing adventure:

step-1 In order to prepare the dye, heat water and bring it to about 140 degrees. I found the best method was to use a coffee pot in order to ensure the water came to a steam. Make sure the coffee pot is rinsed thoroughly before hand. Who knew a coffee pot could pull a stunt double?

step-2 While wearing rubber gloves, mix a gallon of hot water (about two and a half coffee pots) with 4 tablespoons of salt and the Tulip dye. Use the wooden spoon to mix until dissolved.

step-3 After the dye is completely smooth, add in a dash of dishwashing soap to help the dye penetrate the fabric. There’s something about purple and its regale nobility that everyone secretly adores. As a note, we recommend using cotton, rayon, linen, silk or nylon. These fabrics work best when dyeing.

step-4 Fold the fabric so that the ends that you want ombre’d are at the bottom. Fold in half and then fold twice more hotdog style so it is the appropriate length and size for your dipping bucket.

step-5 After fabric is folded, douse the entire fabric with warm water and begin the dye process. Keep in mind that once the dye is rinsed out, the colors will become lighter.

step-6 We will admit, this is quite a lengthy dying process so put on some JT (Justin Timberlake) and have fun with it! First begin to dip the bottom section of the fabric in the dye for approximately 10 minutes back and forth while moving in up and down direction. We aimed for a lush royal purple, the darkest of the three shades.

step-7  Move on to dipping the middle section for about 7 minutes, until it is the correct shade desired. In this stage, continue to do the same motions so there is a contrast from darker to lighter. We went from royal to lavender! Love these graceful purple hues.

step-8 The third stage, we dipped for 5 minutes. A perfect shade of Lilac is born. Finally! The moment we’ve been waiting for.

step-9 Once you are happy with the colors, dip the entire piece of fabric for about a minute in the dye one last time. Wring out excess dye and run fabric under cold water from top to bottom and proceed to rinse with warm water until the water runs clear.

We recommend hanging the fabric to dry on a clothes line or in the shower. And voila! The ombre process is complete and your majestic dinner party awaits.

Photography: Jason Mize | Design & Styling: Amanda Allen Designs | DIY Ombre Menus: A&P Designs