Ten Tips on Painting a Striped Wall
August 26, 2013
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So today we're devouring  our Weddings Editor - Erin's - recent houselift. Code for house facelift. One of the things that Erin tackled when she first moved in that we all fell so hard for, were her striped walls. They instantly made her tiny space feel larger and decidedly oh so chic. So we asked Erin to share a few little tips on wall striping. Fat or skinny, bold or shy, following these little tidbits will ensure that your stripes are perfect in every shape and size. And just wait until you see the art that we choose to compliment the stripe (coming up next)!
No. ONE:
Before anything, paint the entire wall using the base coat colour (aka your lighter colour). That way you only need to worry about adding the darker coloured stripes on top. I know, I know, thanks Captain Obvious. But you'd be surprised at how many people skip this step and spend the time painting each individual stripe!

No. TWO:
It always looks best if your first stripe (along the floor) and last stripe (along the ceiling) are the same colour.

After you measure and mark your stripes on each end of the wall, grab a level and draw a very light line across the entirety of the wall using an HB pencil. I won't lie, it's tedious. But it's well worth it in the long run. I promise. You won't find any wonky stripes on our time!

No. FOUR: 
Spring for frog tape. It's like the cadillac of painters tape and it will ensure a really nice, crisp line.

Make sure your tape is firmly secure to the wall. Take the time to really press it on there to eliminate any bleeding.

No. SIX:
Sometimes those pencil marks can be a bit of a pain to remove. To eliminate this, place your tape slightly above the pencil line. We're talking a fraction of a millimetre here folks. That way you'll paint right over that pesky pencil.

Ensure even coverage. Do two to three coats if you must and be sure to let each coat dry before the next is applied. There's not much worse than a spotty stripe! Especially after all that hard work leading up to this point.

Thick stripes are nice as they're bold and dramatic, AND you can also use a full size roller which makes the job qo by lightning fast. If your stripes are small, pick up a mini roller! It will give you much more precision and a more graphic result. Or live on the edge and try stripes in all different widths. Because you're crazy like that!

To eliminate drips, give your roller a pass on a piece of discarded cardboard before applying the paint to the wall. The key here is a few thin, even coats!

No. TEN: 
Make sure that the paint is completely dry before removing the tape.

Lastly, Take a step back and admire your handiwork. Be sure to have a glass of wine in hand - you totally deserve it!