How to Make a Terrarium from Make Tribe
August 19, 2013
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I love that crafting 101 classes are popping up everywhere. Just the other day I spotted one that had a whole collection of courses from calligraphy to cupcake making to kids room decorating and chandelier crafting! Granted it was in australia but still! I love the re-found focus on all things handmade. Which is exactly why I'm a touch obsessed with this Terrarium Course that the girls at Make Tribe and Local Color Flowers sent our way (see below on more info about Make Tribe). Click here to see the whole gallery and make sure to scroll down to learn how to make a terrarium of your very own!
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From Jess & Lindsay at Make TribeAt the MAKE TRIBE terrarium workshop with Local Color Flowers, guests were greeted with flutes filled with chilled champagne as they made their way down the hall to the Readyluck warehouse studio.

Guests mingled and wrote their name on pennant flag straws to stir our signature cocktail, a Gin Basil Cucumber concoction. We intended the cocktail to be crisp and refreshing for the warm July evening, and comprised of local, in-season ingredients. We harvested cucumbers and basil from our backyard gardens and used Botanist Gin which is created from handpicked botanicals.

Tables were set with the tools needed to build the perfect terrarium: a variety of glass vessels collected from thrift stores, islands of foraged moss and galvanized buckets of soil, rocks and playful elements to decorate (like mini animals or found natural elements). Succulents were chosen and Carling from Local Color Flowers began the class by introducing the origins of terrariums and walking attendees through the steps for a successful planting.

Throughout the evening, the studio buzzed as conversations flowed. We asked guests to write ideas for future MAKE TRIBE gatherings on our sign, and we’re thrilled with the many exciting options to choose from. Our next class will be held Sept. 19, where we’ll learn how to bind raw leather notebooks with Almanac Industries. ( Tickets go on sale Aug. 29.

*MAKE TRIBE is a series of seasonal workshops that strive to promote and foster creative communities. Each gathering is an opportunity to make, sip and chat with fellow creatives.


1. Add a 1-inch layer of small rocks or pebbles to the bottom of your vessel (traditionally glass) as a foundation for moisture drainage.
2. Fill with soil and make sure it’s deep enough for the roots of the succulents to be covered.
3. Plant succulents, making sure the leaves don’t touch the glass walls, and pat down the soil around the base of the succulent to make it secure.
4. Add any decorative elements you choose, such as rocks, moss or tiny friends to live in your miniature world.
5. Admire your work and tend to occasionally, per instructions below.


1. To thrive, succulents need plenty of indirect sunlight. A sunny windowsill or bright room is best.
2. Beware of over watering. Your terrarium will only need to be watered once every two weeks at most.
3. Check through the glass to see if soil is moist, or mist lightly if leaves begin to drop.
4. Succulents require proper drainage. After watering, be sure no more than ½ an inch of water remains in the bottom of your vessel.
5. Allow for airflow. If your terrarium has a lid, remove it for a few hours each week so the terrarium doesn’t retain too much moisture, which could result in rotting or mold.