Ginger Beer Bourbon Cocktail from Clove & Kin
August 7, 2013
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I find it amusing that this recipe landed in my inbox as it was just the other day that I tried a ginger beer bourbon concoction for the very first time. Truth be told, I am a gin and soda girl through and through (those rich liquors have never been my schtick), but I have to admit that this pairing was seriously satisfying. Match it up with Clove & Kin's Summer Bruschetta and I do believe you have yourself a party!
Ginger Beer Bourbon Cocktail
Prep Time
2 Minutes
Cook Time
Total Time
2 Minutes
1 part bourbon 3 parts ginger beer
1 lime wedge mint leaves
FIll glass with ice.
Add bourbon followed by ginger beer.
Top with mint leaves .
Squeeze lime in, gently stir and drink up.

Recipe & Photography: Clove & Kin