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Bedroom Design from Kishani Perera
August 6, 2013
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Now that we've got our bathroom designs underway, we thought we'd turn our attention to the bedroom. All too often this room becomes the most neglected space in the house. But with Kishani's tips and tricks, there's no reason not to show it a little love. After all, you do spend a good chunk of your time relaxing within the confines of these walls, why not make em' beautiful! 
SMP: Your favorite bedroom you’ve ever designed?

KP: There are many, but I would have to say it was one I created for a client in NYC may be a favorite. The room was sophisticated, layered, and beautiful. A perfect retreat
SMP: Tips on mixing and matching patterns in bedding & toss cushions?

KP: Having a common thread is the key to mixing and matching bedding and toss cushions. I pull colors from a prominent pattern or piece in the room and carry it throughout. For example if a toss cushions has three colors, I’ll pull one for the sheets, another for duvet, and the third perhaps for another toss cushion or the drapes. If trying to create a more soothing, tonal palette, I’ll take one color and mix in shades and values of that one color throughout.
SMP: Your favorite store for bedroom related furniture and accessories?

KP: I pull from many resources for every room, so I wouldn’t say there’s one in particular for bedroom related furniture and accessories. but my faves in general are 1st Dibs, ebay and etsy.
SMP: Fact or fiction: a TV in the bedroom is a terrible idea?

KP: Fiction. It really depends on a person’s lifestyle. For me, I prefer to fall asleep in silence, but others need the distraction to quiet their minds in order to fall asleep.
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Bedrooms are all about layering!

1. My most important tip is to layer your window coverings in the bedroom. Even if you’re one to rise with the sun, it’s always nice to have the option of complete darkness or diffused light. Having sheers with overs, or roller shades or romans with your curtains, provides light control opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise have. During different times of day I like to lower the bamboo shades I have in my room simply to keep the heat out. At night, the layers give me a completely blacked out space!

2. Plush, soft textiles are also a necessity no matter what look you’re trying to achieve, modern, traditional, transitional. Layer high thread count sheets with comfy blankets and throws, and toss cushions fabricated out of luxe fabrics like velvets and sateens.

3. A cozy, inviting rug is also something I include in all of my bedrooms. It can be a flokati or shag, a wool pile rug, or if that’s not your style, even a simple flat weave. I tend to stay away from harder materials like seagrass and jutes next to the bed for the reason that I enjoy stepping out of bed onto something a little more sumptuous!

4. Dimmers are vital for any bedroom. Soft, mood lighting is the best!

5. Along those same lines, layer lighting as with window treatments. At times its necessary to have proper bright lights available for reading, but you don’t want those to be your only source of lighitng. I like to have slightly brighter lights next to the bed for reading, either table lamps or even small reading lights. Additionally, I install chandeliers (or small pendant or flushmount fixture) for ceiling light whenever possible. If space and design allows, I add yet another table lamp on a dresser or floor lamp next to a chair. Evenly distributed light, and fixtures with the ability to be dimmed, create the cocoon like atmosphere I find pleasing for bedrooms.


Interior Design: Kishani Perera | Kishani's Book: Vintage Remix | Photography: Jean Randazzo